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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Subfloor ventilation?

Definition: Subfloor - the enclosed space (under or adjacent) between the natural ground and your floor level.

Subfloor ventilation is about creating airflow via passive or the use of a mechanical ventilation system.


How do you know what size fan to use?

Based on a cubic metre area of the space that you wish to ventilate, we calculate the air changes per hour required and recommend the appropriate fan size (product) for that space.


How much will it cost to run the fan/s - per year?

The running cost for in-line fans are approximately $50 to $200 per year - depending on the size of the fan unit.


Do the fans require any maintenance?

No general maintenance required for the in-line fans.

Flatmaster products, will require a filter replacement every 2 years.

For Drimaster products, there are filters that need to be replaced every 5 years.


Is there a Warranty on the products?

There is usually a minimum of 2, and up to 5 year warranty available on the different fan product/s provided by the Manufacturer.


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