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It’s the change of weather season… officially Springtime and the pollen is now in the air! Are you an asthmatic and also prone to allergies with the dust and floating particles… is your hayfever and sinuses playing up?? This is where an air purifier may be the solution to your suffering and poor air quality problems.

INOVA Air Purifiers are an Australian company based in Tuggerah NSW and they developed and manufacture premium air purifiers with superior filters. Made to medical-grade standards they provide the best quality air filtration for you in your home. They are different to common air conditioning units which are mainly for cooling and heating, as they are designed to clean and purify the air you breathe via a three-layer system including a pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter.

Key Information (direct from their website) on INOVA Air Purifiers:

  • Certified & guaranteed medical-grade efficiency 99.99% – leads to cleaner air as more allergens removed
  • Sure Seal™ airtight seals on all filters – no leakage, guaranteed HEPA filter efficiency
  • Large efficient pre-filters – extends the HEPA filter life leading to lower operating costs over time
  • Quiet all steel construction – means reduced noise during operation
  • Quality German engineered motors designed for energy efficient 24 hour operation, without overheating – allows continuous cleaning of the air
  • Lowest energy consumption relative to airflow and filtration efficiency – means you save on running costs and minimize environmental impact
  • High capacity fan filtering more air per hour – in small and larger areas
  • Range of interchangeable filters for high capacity dust, allergen & chemical removal – means it suits the needs of the individual depending on your environment and medical condition
  • Use of kilograms of activated carbon (vs only grams), more than any other residential air purifier – the highest removal of chemical pollutants and a longer filter life
  • Largest filters of any residential air purifier with a 5 Year lifespan on main filters – it has the highest efficiency and means a long-term cost saving
  • All Australian made. All filters & spare parts are stocked locally – your replacement filters and Customer Support is readily available
  • Powerful centrifugal fans – higher airflow as filters become clogged, while other fan types will struggle to move the air
  • All steel filter casings – means no air leaks, and made from chemical free material
  • Stainless steel latches for hassle-free quicker filter access and changes
  • Steel construction designed to last a lifetime (is fully serviceable) – it is a lasting investment, lower long-term cost, environmentally friendly
  • DC Motors engineered for 50,000 plus hours of continual operation – highest level of quality and reliability

If you are interested in this product VENTILATE can help supply and educate you on the benefits you will receive from an INOVA Air Purifier. If you suffer from asthma or allergies you will not be disappointed, please contact us now and see if we can help you ~ Fresh Airflow for a Healthier Home ~ 0412 877 828

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