Trapped Heat - Roof Ventilation



Roof space – the area above your ceiling level and roof surface, such as the roof tiles/metal roof etc.

In Australia’s hot Summer months, heat can build up in your home and within the roof space. It can get up to over 50 degrees Celsius and the hot air can get trapped within your home, usually in the upstairs bedrooms.

This is where roof ventilation can be a solution.


We can look at using mechanical ventilation to exhaust trapped heat from roof spaces or a ducted system to exhaust trapped heat in rooms through ceiling vents.

The fans are thermostatically controlled so they can turn ‘on’ once the roof or room temperature reaches a certain point;  and then turn back ‘off’ again once it gets back to the desirable set temperature.

This helps to get your house back to a more comfortable temperature a lot quicker and make your Air Conditioning unit more effective (i.e. not have to work so hard), also reducing your overall energy usage.

Trapped Heat - Roof Ventilation
We have extensive experience working in tight roof spaces and are fully compliant with all health and safety requirements.