What do we do?

Obviously you have researched us because you are experiencing some issues, so book a time for us to come over to your home first to investigate…

We will take an individualized, integrated and wholistic approach to your musty, damp/heat, or condensation problems.

We will consider all the symptoms you describe and try to explain the causes to you, so you are aware of what is contributing to the problem.

We will then perform a thorough inspection of your property which will allow us to design the most appropriate systems or solutions for your specific circumstances.

Attention to detail and upholding our reputation of transparency and honesty with all of our services means that during our inspection, if we discover that there are other immediate concerns to address (which will impact the effectiveness of our solution) such as further drainage required, waterproofing issues, rising damp, or plumbing problems etc. we will ensure to draw this to your attention and be happy to recommend the appropriate trades to you (if you so require.)

How it all works

We look for where the damp or heat is coming from and aim to get rid of it.

But firstly, you will need to make an appointment. We will come out to your home and have a look at where the problems appear to be coming from.

Problems can arise from subfloor areas, moisture created from within the home via the use of freestanding gas heaters, clothes driers, hot showers etc., or trapped heat within roof spaces.

Let us observe and understand your living conditions and inspect your home’s natural surrounding environment.

Contact us to learn more or book a free no obligation home visit.

What do we do - ventilate your home
Ventilation added into a new extension. Matte black powder-coated vents achieve a seamless look.