Roof Scoop Roof Ventilation - Ventilate Your Home

Roof Scoop

In the hot summer months, heat can build up within the roof cavity of your home. This trapped heat can make the house uncomfortably hot and make the air conditioning struggle to keep up. Roof Scoop is one of our professional solutions that can help this!

Adequate roof ventilation can be a solution to trapped heat. Ventilate Your Home offers a range of professional, thermostatically controlled ventilation systems installed into your roof space or upstairs rooms to exhaust hot air and draw fresh, cool air in.

Roof Scoop Roof Ventilation - Ventilate Your Home

Ventilate Your Home is now a supplier of a new product called ROOF SCOOP, invented by an Aussie roofer. This is a new technology fan system for tiled rooves and limited metal profile roofs, which is stylish and modern, fits into the roof profiles seamlessly for aesthetic appeal, and best of all is solar-powered. This is a far superior option to the dated and less-effective whirly bird style roof vents, and Roof Scoop is available in a wide range of standard colours for a tidy and attractive look.

To learn more about trapped heat and home ventilation, or to book a free home assessment and find out if Roof Scoop is the right ventilation solution for your home, give us a call on 0412 877 828 or 02 5302 5339