Seasonal changes - Air Purification - Ventilate Your Home

Seasonal Changes in the Environment & How They Affect Your Home

Here we will examine the seasonal changes and how they can affect your home, and discuss how to resolve issues stemming from these changes.


The weather is warming up and spring is here…! This is when pollens begin circulating in the air and hayfever becomes rampant! It is now that we recommend air purification as a hugely beneficial solution for your allergic concerns…! You will also notice as temperatures rise, it’s not a bad idea to think about whether you suffer from trapped heat… we have solutions for you to help resolve this. 


On consistently hotter days, warm roofs and tiles can lead to trapped heat… which is a big concern when you cannot escape the stuffiness and the house just won’t cool down no matter what you do… The air conditioning unit is working overtime and your electricity bill is always exorbitantly high in these Summer months…! You probably need to install a roof ventilation fan to exhaust the hot air out. Our professional systems are thermostatically controlled so they will turn themselves on and off automatically.

Towards the end of Summer you may notice as the humidity increases, the mould spores generate and spread and you may notice mould outbreaks appearing on your leather couches, shoes and ceilings…!? We can look at your home and see if subfloor and/or in-house ventilation may help here.


As the weather is starting to cool… mould is becoming more prevalent as we begin to add more moisture into the home from the use of gas heaters, taking warmer showers, cooking more oven-baked meals… knowing that the temperature drops, the humidity remains high and this leads to that general feeling of dampness in the air.


Now we are experiencing the cold, the heaters are on full-time, clothes dryers are being used more-often, longer/hotter showers are taken which generates more steam, and leads to excess moisture in the house which causes condensation on windows and encourages mould to generate. Our business VENTILATE can look at in-house ventilation, air transfer systems and/or sub-floor ventilation to alleviate and reduce the moisture to help eliminate the mould. Contact us today on 02 53025339 or 0412 877 828.