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What is it?

Toxic house syndrome is described as a condition where a physical building (such as your residential  home), has such poor air quality within, that it can effectively make people in the household unwell or have sickness symptoms. This may be due to the mould spores, dust, allergens and harmful chemicals (volatile organic compounds aka VOC’s) within the home environment and is partially caused by a lack of satisfactory air ventilation, and therefore breathing in poor quality air. Some or all of the people in your household may complain of tiredness, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches or feeling dizzy, as these are obvious symptoms of suffering from THS, so these should not be ignored.

In the UK, more than 15 million homes are affected by Toxic House Syndrome, in Australia the figures are difficult to quantify but there may be several million households suffering as well.

For the ideal environment, the air circulating around your home should be relatively clean, or else it may be spreading toxic material. Dust, mould spores, chemical fumes are all irritants that contaminate the air around you on a daily basis. If you see mould in your bathroom (and spores are non-visible to the naked eye) then each time you take a shower, you are potentially spreading a fresh wave of mould spores through your home… Yuck!!

What causes Toxic Home Syndrome?

A damp, moisture-laden environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful organic matter, which can affect your respiratory system and lead to colds and sickness. If your house suffers from damp then it is important to eradicate the root cause of the moisture problem and also ensure that your home has proper ventilation. 

Daily household activities release moisture, chemicals and allergens into the air every day, for example:

  • Drying clothes in the dryer can release moisture into the air
  • Open wood fireplaces distributes tiny particles with the burning of the wood
  • Vacuuming removes, but also stirs up, dust in the air
  • Washing up and showering releases hot air into the home

What can you do to reverse the effects of THS?

Continuous ventilation is the most effective way to combat Toxic House Syndrome and our business Ventilate Your Home can help you by installing a professional fan system which will reduce the moisture content and ensure adequate ventilation in the spaces where damp lurks and mould generates.

There are various types of ventilation system options and we can come to you for an obligation-free quote to provide the best solution for your scenario.

By investing in a proper system to alleviate these symptoms of THS, the best thing of all will be the positive effects to your health. You will know that the air you breathe in your own home is cleaner and overall your family’s health is improved.

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