Trapped Heat - Warping floorboards - Ventilate Your Home

Trapped Heat

With Spring already here and the Summer months approaching, your home is generally warming up and you may start noticing the rooms heating up and staying warm. If you don’t turn on your air conditioning unit it gets particularly stuffy and most noticeably in the upper level area of a multi-storey building or home. You probably have excess heat that is trapped in your roof space…!

Is your upstairs level of your house always so hot and never seems to cool down?

This is because as the hot air is produced, the heat gets trapped in the space between your ceiling and the actual roof and acts like an oven which heats up your ceilings and radiates back down inside the home.

To get rid of this heat improving your ventilation is the answer… and we are not just talking about a whirly bird, but a professional system that is thermostatically controlled and installed in your roof space and/or upstairs rooms to exhaust the hot air out, which will in turn draw the fresh air back in, and this will cool your house down by a significant number of degrees and allow your aircon unit to work much more effectively (reducing your energy consumption).

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