Why Ventilate? Ventilate Your Home

Why Ventilate?

Why do we need to ventilate our home? That is a great question.

Today’s modern living is full of appliances and equipment that is designed to help make our lives “easier” and make things we do more “convenient” – dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, and tumble driers are just some of these everyday machines that we use in the first world. But with this ease comes with a price – heat and moisture production, and with this can come problems – mould, mildew and condensation. You won’t feel it and it won’t bother you, until you open your wardrobe one day to find your fine expensive suits, leather shoes or beautiful Italian handbags covered in mould!

Gone are the days where there was always one person at home (like a stay-at-home-Parent) as most people now have left their home by 8am to go to work and do not return until 6pm, by which time it is often already dark. Due to increased security risks, they lock their windows and keep the doors closed, and they may return to a home that has a funny musty scent or stale air smell.

Our lifestyles have really changed. Back in the olden days families used to cook their meals in an open fireplace which would actually dry out the air in a home, but this is no longer necessary as our houses are equipped with a full kitchen and range hood and all the “mod cons”. The only times we now congregate around an open fire-pit is usually outside and that, being outdoors, is already well-ventilated! Fresh airflow through good ventilation systems will help keep your home healthy, keeping the smells away and preventing the moisture from building up over time, moisture which leads to mould and related problems. 

So now that you understand the reasons WHY you need to ventilate your home, we’ll tell you HOW to do this!

Our business VENTILATE specialises in this. We use a few different methods to combat your ventilation problems: sub-floor, in-house (positive pressure) ventilation, air transfer systems or air purification machines. VENTILATE is an owner-operated business and Shaun has over fifteen years experience servicing and installing ventilation systems into homes into Sydney Metro and surrounding suburbs. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, please contact us and we will be delighted to provide an obligation-free quote, with your personalised home assessment and solution recommendations from Shaun.